Buying Tips and Advice

  1. Save Money.

    Seems pretty self explanatory but many times buyers who are in the process of searching for a home spend money that they may need to complete a home purchase or that could be spent on making needed repairs on the property they buy.

  2. Be Honest and Open

    Always be honest with the professionals that work with you whether they are lenders or Real Estate Agents. As professionals we always work to represent you with all the resources we have available assuming everything you present us is correct. This also means you need to be honest with yourself. Be honest about your own finances and your own capabilities in purchasing a property.

  3. Do Research

    Although we provide as much information as we can to clients.  Whether it is sales data, property information and neighborhood prices. Only you know how you feel about living next to a busy street or the sun beaming into your living room. Although we try to provide as information as possible to clients, in the end it will be our clients that purchase the property for their own use.

  4. Ask Questions

    Not sure about the wording in a contract? Curious about a particular loan program? Ask, it’s your right to know. As professionals we will strive to make sure you get answers that are complete, understandable and in a timely matter to you as a client. 

  5. Prioritize your “Must Haves” and “Have Nots”

    Ask yourself and list the features that you must have, don’t love or your neutral towards. Again no two houses are the same, so you are going to have to decide what you are fine with and what items you are not.

  6. Go Out there and explore

    In addition to doing research on the computer and having agents show you property. Go out and experience the community. Spend a day and walk the neighborhood, go out and dine in local eateries. Talk to neighbors and explore the area you may one day call home.